Herbal and Hemp Extract Analysis

Given the variety of hemp plants and extracts available in Europe, identifying their characteristics is essential for both the professional and the consumer. In order to serve the Cannabis sector for Health, our Laboratory has developed an adapted offer of cannabinoid analyses: THC content, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBN. The analyses are performed by an independent laboratory and validated by a referenced Toxicologist Expert. Each analysis gives rise to a certificate of analysis. You will be able to evaluate the legality of your products according to the Countries, but above all to ensure the quality of your products and to direct the consumer on the quality and the effects of each reference. 

  • Quantity required per analysis: only 5g of plants or resin, 5g of oil.

  • Validation analysis of a batch: 3 analysis on the same batch (lot with a maximum weight of 5 kg). Particularly useful for plants, whose biochemical variability is very high, ensures a result representative of the lot.

  • Result of analysis in 1 week with certificate of analysis.

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